Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Thanks, Maybe Genius!

Maybe Genius has tagged me with the Honest Scrap Award!  This means I have an excuse to tell you ten random-but-true things about me.

1. My day job is at an internet company that you've heard of.

2. Before the internet age, I was studying to become a molecular biochemist.

3. As far as I can tell, there is only one other person in the United States with the same first and last name as me.  She’s a molecular biochemist.

4. A close observer may notice that I am slightly less symmetrical than most people.  I’m no Quasimodo, but my ears are not quite level (making off-the-rack sunglasses look stupid), one of my feet turns out when I walk, and my boobs are only fraternal twins.

5. I had Lasik six years ago.  It cost me 3400 US dollars.  I love not having to wear contact lenses (let alone crooked glasses) so much that I would pay $3400 every year if I had to.  I have high hopes that there will be a similar cure for presbyopia by the time it befalls me.

6. I’m 35.

7. A lot of my friends have published books, but none have published novels.

8. My annual clothing expenditure is less than $500, including outerwear, shoes and accessories.

9. My annual budget for flowers, including landscape plants and cut flowers, is $750.

10. Texas is a very interesting place, especially when it comes to politics.  When I tell people I live here, I sometimes feel the need to make it clear that I’m not “from” here.  I’ve even been known to drop the name of the Elitist/Liberal/East Coast/Ivy League school I attended just to drive that point home.  Unless of course I'm speaking with a Texan, in which case I talk about flowers.

Now I'm supposed to tag some more people, but I think every blogging writer I know has already been tagged.  I need to get out more.


  1. This is wonderful! Especially my boobs are only fraternal twins!

  2. Number 3 is so interesting! Small world! And I laughed at number 10 :D

  3. fairyhedgehog - hehehe. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    maybe genius - That other woman who shares my name is almost certainly a distant relative. What can I say? Molecular biochemistry is in the genes*. I've never spoken with her, but last time she moved her bank kept emailing me about the mortgage details. Awkward.

    *Nerd joke.