Monday, February 1, 2010


I have a confession to make.  I've been largely avoiding my novel since I finished the first draft two months ago.  I've been hiding from one particular monster of a writing challenge.  I call this monster Rubik.

It's like this.  In the first draft, I managed to introduce a beautifully complex problem.  Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out how to satisfactorily solve the problem I invented.

Novels are like Rubik's Cubes.  You don't get points for mixing up the colors.

The ending I did write is utterly lame and tantamount to peeling the colored stickers off and trying to restick them on the right sides.  It won't fool anyone, and it has to be scrapped.

So this is my goal for February: Find a good solution to the problem, or revise the problem into one I can solve.


  1. That's the kind of thing I always dread when I'm writing.

  2. I'm having a similar problem, but with my middle. My beginning and end are great, it's just getting to the end in a way that makes sense and is compelling that has me scrambling.

    My February goal is finishing my first draft, heh.

  3. fairyhedgehig - I'm trying very hard to think of this as just another bump in the road, part of the process, etc. It's not a brick wall, it's not a brick wall, there is no brick wall, who said anything about a brick wall...

    maybe genius - Best of luck finishing that first draft!!! Go girl go!