Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Fantastic Story I Can't Tell You

You know, life really is stranger than fiction.  I've been collecting crazy real-life stories for ages.  The last time I told one at a party, the next person to tell a story prefaced hers with, "but this story is true!"  My story had been not only true, but easily verifiable via Google.  Alas, it was simply too fantastic.

Well now I have another one.  The most gripping one yet.

And I can't tell you.

It's acutely frustrating to have to keep this a secret for many many reasons.  But I can't tell you because of the nature of my own involvement in the story, because it isn't actually over yet, and because there is still a lot at stake.

*Sigh*  Maybe one day I'll be able to write the book.

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