Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Na'vi Yourself

I am not an artist, and this is not a blog about art, but this tutorial, showing how to turn Tom Cruise into a Na'vi, is just really cool.

Also, if you haven't seen Avatar yet, it is really and truly worth seeing on the big screen.  It's even worth a few extra bucks to see it in 3D -- as long as you aren't prone to headaches, don't go when you're too tired, and don't sit too close to the screen.


  1. I thought Avatar was well worth it. We saw it in 3D also.

  2. I found the 3D great in the intimate, mostly still scenes. I really felt like I was there. But during the heavy action sequences my eyes just couldn't focus fast enough to keep up. I went to a late showing, however, and what with these crooked ears causing the 3D glasses to sit awry...