Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Remember Your Audience

I tend to forget that my family reads this blog.  Today I was talking with my awesome dad, and apropos of nothing he says, "You know that shit you write is really off the wall sometimes -- but I like it."

(Excuse me while I blush with pride.)

Of course, earlier Mom had mentioned that he didn't realize my Rabbit Hole post was fiction when he first read it.  That post takes on suprising and alarming new dimensions if you read it from the POV of a concerned parent.  In case you didn't get it either, let me explain: Rabbit Hole Kate is an amalgamation of bad writing cliches, and her friends are her critique partners.  More to the point, in real life I personally am not crazy, in an abusive relationship, or a temp.

Anyway, in honor of Dear Old Dad, here's another dad who might make you laugh.  (Warning: not for the delicate.)


  1. Oh there I go again. POV = point of view.

  2. LOL! That was some dad. It is easy to forget family are reading your blog especailly when you get on a roll. All in the pursuit of art though. Entertaining post. Thanks.

  3. That link is fun!

    I keep my fairyhedgehog persona separate from my real life as far as possible. It gives me more freedom online.

  4. Ann - glad you enjoyed it!

    fairyhedgehog - I can see the appeal of that, obviously, since I'm Kate IN THE CLOSET. But I don't censor myself for my family's sake. If they are offended they can just stop reading. If they are embarrassed, well, that's just too bad :)