Sunday, September 27, 2009

Venturing Forth

I want to take a creative writing class.  I've been devouring every book, blog, and board I can find on the craft, which is like drinking from a firehose, but it can't quench that one most pressing need: feedback.  I'm hoping that a novice course will straighten me up on the fundamentals, but above all be a good introduction to the crit group dynamic.

We have a form of group critique in my field.  In my experience, it's the single most valuable tool for improving one's skills.  I have high hopes this will be true for me with fiction crit groups as well.  There's only one way to find out, right?

I've just started searching for classes, and am open to nearly any format.  If you have any recommendations, I'd love to hear them.  Thanks in advance.

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