Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Old Habits

Here I am on this blog trying to be a writer, and the other me - the one with the paying career and last name - keeps peeking in and wanting to play too.  It's getting obnoxious.

You see, all this talk about the turbulent transition taking place in publishing is catnip to OtherMe.  OtherMe is a Business Person, and a bit of a bloodthirsty opportunist, I'm afraid.  OtherMe keeps pestering me with entrepreneurial possibilities and trying to horn in on my writing time.  Since I can't keep my fingers in my ears singing la la la and write at the same time, I have only one defense - an incantation - and I hope it's strong enough:

No amount of money or success has ever, or will ever, give me the kind of satisfaction that writing does.


  1. Good luck I hope you can keep evil Kate at bay.

    Kate2 xx

  2. It would be easier if she didn't pay the bills.