Wednesday, September 30, 2009


OK, it isn't that big a deal, but I got my very first writing feedback today.  As a bonus, it was positive!  HAPPY DANCE!

Granted, it was feedback on the first two sentences of my work in progress, but still, HAPPY DANCE!

I submitted those two sentences in response to this compelling tweet: "RT @buffysquirrel: tweet openings to short stories to get my opinion on whether i'd read on; tag with #gudslush; please RT"  It turns out that buffysquirrel is an editor at GUD Magazine, and they are currently accepting submissions for their next issue.  Sweet!

Thus encouraged, I also entered the #GhostsOfBelfast twitfic contest.  Writing very (very) short fiction is a really fun challenge.  I highly recommend it to anyone who aspires to Strunk & White's acme, "make every word tell."*

*I think that's right.  I seem to have mislaid my copy.  Again.

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