Thursday, October 15, 2009

Well, That's Something

I'm hitting the hay early tonight, my friends.  Just two quick items:

First, I decided to enter Nathan Bransford's First Paragraph Challenge after all, with 28 minutes to spare.  (This is pretty much how I live my entire life.)  I wish I had read his recap on last year's contest first, though, as it was very instructive.  Plus, I love the winning entry.

On the upside, I just learned that my entry does not contain a single one of the most common words from the submissions (larger version here).  I also learned my paragraph was much shorter than average.  That's something, right?


In other news, Facebook told me one of my old college buddies is at Bouchercon right now.  Until today I didn't even know she was a writer!  I hope you're having a great time, J!  Also, I'm terribly jealous.  Especially if you have a reservation for the Too Many Cooks Banquet -- I freaking love Rex Stout.

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