Friday, October 16, 2009


Kate: Hi.  I'll have the spaghetti.

Server:  Great!  Here's your spaghetti.

Kate: Um, this spaghetti isn't cooked.

Server: Oh?  It's not?

Kate: No, see, it's cold, and dry, and crunchy.

Server: Oh, so you want it cooked?

Kate: Yes, I want it cooked.

Server: So will you cook it then?

Kate: Um, no.  I need you to cook it.

Server: Oh, but I can't.  The cooks do the cooking.  You'll have to ask them to cook it.

Kate: (speechless)

Yes, the spaghetti is a metaphor. But I promise you the conversation I actually had was just as stupid. Some people simply don't understand what their jobs are.

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