Friday, October 2, 2009

More Flash Fiction

I'm very dissatisfied with my foray into flash fiction yesterday.  It's just such a good idea.  All other media is trending shorter and more flexibly delivered to busy/mobile people.  I think short fiction has a natural place at that table.  (OtherMe is certain of it.  She's already plotting an iPhone app.)

So I'm going to go out and read a lot more of it.  Since I also strongly suspect that the skills required to write good flash fiction will be useful for writing any commercial fiction, I think I'm going to try some here on the blog for practice.  Stay tuned.

Incidently, I understand why it isn't necessarily favored by authors.  Novels usually pay advances and/or royalties, but unless anthologized, short stories usually pay one time, by the word.  Under this model, flash fiction is utterly unlucrative, even by writing standards.

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