Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Today, Big Boss posted this as his status: 50%

It's been niggling at me all day.  What the hell does he mean?

My first thought is paranoid, that some performance indicator is 50% of what it should be.  If Big Boss caught a problem before we did, it'll be ugly.  I double-check all the reports.  Phew!  That's not it.

I start over.  Is he feeling only 50% well today?  Is he only 50% available?  Is he noticing only 50% of his people are available?

Stop it, Kate, it isn't about you.

Are we half-way to one of our goals?  This could be good or bad depending on the time frame.  My mind wanders to compensation and staffing possibilities -- 50% can be miraculous or devastating depending on the noun it modifies.  But scratch it; he wouldn't post about something like that because it would be neither professional nor, frankly, of that much interest to him.

What would be?

Eureka!  The key partnership deal he just negotiated: 50% revenue share.

Note to self:  A story may revolve around the protagonist, but the actions and motivations of other characters generally do not.  Characters must say and do according to their own reasons.

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