Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Of Pins, Needles, and Porcelain

Sorry for the relative quiet, folks.  As mentioned, I entered that Clarity of Night contest.  Well, with privilege comes responsibility - I felt obligated to read every entry and vote in the Reader's Choice Poll.  This took a wee bit more time than expected.  Commenting on every entry was simply not possible.  Results are to be announced tomorrow.  Best of luck to all the entrants!

Also, we've had some kind of vomit plague roll through our house.  It's mostly passed now, and I'll spare you the details.  I just mention it because I HATE HATE HATE puking.  Seriously.  Seriously.


  1. Yuk to the puking!

    Good luck with the Clarity of Night contest. I read the first eighty or so entries and the standard was very high. It's a huge amount of reading, no wonder it took you a while. I couldn't get an entry together myself so I don't get to vote.

  2. Ditto, and sympathies. Good luck with the contest!