Monday, January 11, 2010


I spent most of this morning in a conference room.  It's a nice room, clean and cool with two walls worth of windows overlooking the sunny Dallas skyline.  Working from home as much as I do, I actually enjoy the occasional meeting.  (It helps that I love the people I work with.) This meeting was particularly pleasant because the agenda gave me plenty of intervals to daydream.

I imagined I was in a meeting about my novel.  For the purposes of revision, I had spawned an entire organization of Mini-Mees, and now the department heads for Character and Pacing were negotiating the fate of a back story.  The Director of Plot, flanked by the Conflict and Action Managers, worked out some problems with the Language Committee.  Meanwhile the Show-Don't-Tell (SDT, not to be confused with STD), and Does-It-Make-Sense (DIMS) Leads were trying to reconcile their cost-benefit spreadsheets.   The Director of Dialog was muttering to herself; the Punctuation Counsel frowned.


  1. Now I have unwanted images of many copies of Vern Troyer in "Kate" drag.


  2. OK, I'll rephrase: I spawned a few dozen Eliza Dushku clones.