Tuesday, November 23, 2010


OK, NaNo failure is now a forgone conclusion. I just landed a very excellent contract that will take my business to the next level (that's the universe rewarding me for having the balls to turn down that job last week), the crazy-busy holidays are upon us, and stress management is key just now. And in truth, I love this story too much to just spew it out.


  1. That all sounds really positive. Congrats on the contract!

    Sometimes it's a case of being willing to say no, isn't it?

  2. The universe has a way of balancing things out. Congratulations on the contract and good luck with that holiday stress. I'm feeling it already too!

  3. FHH: Thanks. I've always been the type to pay attention and try to learn from experience. Lately there is a very heavy theme in the universal curriculum: Life is nothing if you never take risks.

    Janel: Thanks very much, and good luck to you too. Let the joy outweigh the stress.

  4. Sounds like a good deal