Friday, November 26, 2010


You know the time turner that Dumbledore gives Hermione so she can take extra classes? I soooo want one of those! I wish that in every 24 hours, I had 8 hours to work, 8 hours to write, 8 hours to play, and 16 hours to relax and sleep. Is this too much to ask?

This is an especially fervent wish during the holidays. In the past decade, I've hardly ever been able to take time off during November and December. I've worked more Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Days than not. For some extremely stupid reason (considering I've never worked retail), work stuff always seems to get extra-super busy at the end of the year. For once, this year, I was hoping to take the holidays off to relax, write, and spend time with family. Isn't that supposed to be a perk of self-employment?

Alas, no. It turns out that self-employment means doing what you have to, and signing a contract for a new project the day before Thanksgiving augurs poorly for holiday free time. The ink wasn't even dry before my client asked if I could work this weekend, and my first business trip is already booked for Monday.


I'm just saying I wish there was more time in a day.


  1. Just watched the 3rd HP movie last night and I so wish I had that time turner too! Alas, we are only muggles who cannot travel by floo powder or shout Expeliarmus when we want our husbands to let go of the remote. Life sucks sometimes :-)

  2. Seriously! We never knew what we were missing until Rowling came a long and rubbed our noses in it!

    After writing this post, I was an HP mood, so my husband and I watched the first movie again. The actors look like babies! So then I felt tired, ordinary, and OLD!