Thursday, December 10, 2009

Great Outlets for Short Bursts of Genius

Write every day.

That's the mantra bespoke by experts far and wide, but some days you just can't face your novel.  Some days you just need a little somethin'-somethin'.  For those days, I give you my list of favorite very-short-form creative writing outlets.

1.  Urban Dictionary
Submit a definition!  You can redefine an existing term or make up a new one.

2.  The New Yorker Magazine Cartoon Caption Contest
Submit your own captions and vote for winners.  They have it every week, and you only have to sign up once.

3.  Ebert's Little Movie Glossary
Silly terms for silly film devices.  See Ebert's FAQ for submission information.

4.  Twitter Fiction & Poetry
Use an existing or new hashtag to identify your creative posts.  JJ DeBenedictis's #HaikuHorror is a particular favorite of mine.  Contests like Stuart Neville's #GhostsOfBelfast are also great fun when you can find them.

5.  Blog Parties & Contests
Someone is always running one, and they are a great way to "meet" other writers.   I generally don't have time to write entries for short story and essay contests, but I can hardly pass up a one line / one paragraph / one verse / under 150 words-type contest.

I'd love to hear if you have any to add!


  1. Great suggestions :) I've always heard that even if you just write one sentence, that's something. But I do feel a lot more accomplished for the day when that sentence is on Twitter rather than hanging at the end of my novel in progress, heh.