Saturday, December 31, 2011

What Will You Leave in 2011?

At the beginning of my adult life, I was all about accumulation. I was going through my journey grabbing up experiences and things like a squirrel hording nuts against winter.  Then came the day I realized some of the things I was dragging along were holding me back, and an important person in my life pointed out the obvious yet profound truth that it's both OK and possible to leave some baggage behind.

So now this is part of my New Year's process: choosing a burden to abandon.  Of course, deciding to lighten the load is only the first step - implementation can take the whole year, maybe a lot longer.  Nonetheless, it has worked well so far.  Two years ago I left behind fear of not having a traditional job.  Last year I dropped some internally-imposed boundaries of who and what I could be. 

I think it's not coincidental that I also shed a great volume of physical objects from my possession in each of these years.

As for this year, well, I'm still deciding.  What about you?  Is there something you can go into 2012 without?


  1. I could do without the voice of self doubt. That who do you think you are voice. I plan on sorting through and getting rid of all the paper stuffed in my desk, stacked on my desk, the kitchen counter, the dining table....need I say more!

  2. LOL! I know those stacks of paper. Mine are unsorted in a big cabinet. And some shopping bags. And a banker's box or two.

    As for self-doubt, I hope it's now rumpled on the side of road, miles back, disintegrating in the elements.