Friday, May 14, 2010

O Bliss!

I'm still working on the last few installments of Kate's Guide to Author Websites, but first this breaking news:

I have the greatest husband evah!

A few months ago I told him offhandedly what I wanted for my birthday: complete sets of two out-of-print mystery series by one of my favorite authors.  I said this in the way one might wish for world peace or children who never say embarrassing things.

Well, Happy Birthday to Me!  Today I found all fourteen books nestled into my spot on the sofa.  Two of them are even the same novel under different titles; Dear Husband just wanted to make sure I had a really complete set!

The books, by the way, are Sheri S. Tepper's Shirley McClintock and Jason Lynx mysteries, originally published under the pseudonyms B.J. Oliphant and A.J. Orde respectively.  Sheri told me once that they're like popcorn; she wrote them on breaks between her heavy science fiction/fantasy epics.  I think there's a lesson or two in there...


  1. Happy Birthday! And what a wonderful husband you do have.

    I've read several of Tepper's books and I particularly like The Gate to Women's Country and Gibbon's Decline and Fall. I had no idea she'd written mysteries under other names.

  2. Those are two of my favorites as well; her books are so audacious and eye-opening. Have you read The Fresco? It's light and funny compared to Gate and Gibbon, but equally brilliant.

    In addition to Sheri S. Tepper, B.J. Oliphant and A.J. Orde, she also published a horror novel under the name E.E. Horlak. Interestingly she also goes by multiple names in real life! How crazy is that, fairyhedgehog?

    -kateinthecloset ;)

  3. Happy Birthday Kate! (fairyhedgehog let the cat out of the bag). And thanks for all your hard work for me ;-)

  4. Happy Birthday Kate. What a fabulous husband you have!

  5. Wendy, DJ, and JaneyV - thank you so much!

    And Janey, I try very hard not to take him for granted.

  6. I don't remember The Fresco, I'll have to get hold of it and give it another read.

    I laughed at your last comment. In real life I don't go by the name fairyhedgehog! Truly!

  7. Happy Birthday and WOW! Yeah, you've got the best husband ever. Not only did he get you a present but he got you something you really, really wanted and he got books! He should apply for Sainthood. Just sayin'.

  8. Sure, fairyhedgehog. Sure you don't ;)

    nitebyrd, he IS all that. Unfortunately, it only now occurs to me that what I should have asked for is time to read! I mean, if he can find 14 out-of-print books, surely he can find a little bubble of extra-dimensional spacetime.

  9. You realise, Kate, that your husband has just raised the bar a hell of a long way for all us other husband who will now be expected to find the Holy Grail...

    Are you going to tell FH that this is 'real life', or shall I?

  10. Richard, I'm finally working that one out. What I should have said is that no one ever calls me fairyhedgehog offline. Is that better?

  11. LMAO, Richard!

    Glad you've had your epiphany, fairyhedgehog!

  12. excellent news- (I came from fairyhedgehog's blog) most thoughful of your honey.