Monday, November 9, 2009

Language and Physics

Do you watch shows like American Idol, Project Runway, or Design Star?  Of course you do; you're not made of wood.  Now I have another question for you.  When someone on the show inevitably starts talking about who really really wants it, what is your reaction?

A.  Sympathy and support, because whoever wants it the most deserves to win.
B.  Irritation, because what the heck does wanting having to do with winning a competition?

It finally struck me: the verb to want seems to have evolved.  Wanting something once meant desiring it and/or lacking it, and wanting something badly enough meant wanting it badly enough to work your tush off and sacrifice other things for it.

In popular culture today, however, wanting something badly enough apparently means lacking something so badly that you actually become a vaccuum and suck that thing to you.  Thus it is a law of physics that WANT = ENTITLEMENT.

The great news here is that I no longer need to put in my time and pay my dues learning the craft of writing.  I can just practice wanting my name on a bestseller while waiting for people to bring me expensive coffee beverages and designer clothes.  Maybe I'll visualize it and pray for it too, just to cover my bases.